Add tags to orders using automations

You are now able to add tags to orders using automations. This can be useful for filtering orders when viewing them in Webshipper to maintain an easy overview.


Images in e-mail templates

You now have the option of uploading and managing images for your e-mail templates. When you are editing an e-mail template, simply click on "Manage images" to get started.

Retrieve shipping prices from carriers at checkout

Major new feature for the Webshipper platform. Your e-commerce system may now, on demand, request service availability and shipping prices from certain carriers during checkout (At the moment DHL and UPS), which removes the need to pre-define the exact shipping costs.

Display order lines in tracking e-mails

You are now able to display order lines in a tracking e-mail. This allows you to provide an overview of the order to the customer. For more information, please see the following article:

Support for two-factor (2FA) authentication

The Webshipper frontend now supports login through two-factor authentication. In order to enable it, please contact our Support Team at

"Before" Automations

It is now possible to create automations that make changes to an attribute before an order or shipment has been saved, This means, for example, that the automations will be executed before an automatic print job is initiated.


Click'n Collect

Webshipper is pleased to announce the introduction of Click'n Collect, which is a brand new feature that allows you to present your retail stores as drop points to your customers. This makes it easy for your customers to place an order online, and have it delivered to one of your retail stores for them to pick up. For information on how to get started with Click'n Collect, please see this article:

Print an order slip with automations

If you don't have automatic print enabled for slips, you can now set up an automation to print them

Screenshot 2018-11-08 at 12.02.57.png

Orderline discounts

You will now be able to provide discounts for each individual line in an order.

Order locking

With order locking you are able to lock an order, which will prevent it from being edited or sent. This feature is available under Actions > Lock Order.

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